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    When the cuts run deep, and you’re not with me
    When the tears fall, and I wish I had it all
    Thoughts of your blurr my mind, you as my valentine
    Eyes like sunrise, dry my weary eyes
    Hoping for a better tomorrow, a soul drowned in plain sorrow

    It’s with you I see true beauty, and as I’m yours truly


Barbara Palvin Backstage @ Valentin Yudashkin S/S 2011 

    A pair of these tears

    compiled from the years

    that I’ve neglected you

    skies were powder blue

    now its over due

    I shall say sorry to you

    I was reaching such great heights, alone sleeping at night

    I am drifting again, whats this great height

    I’m compelled to you, in every sense it seems

    That I can’t release, the same dopamine

    out of place out of synchrony

    out of mind, out of this penitentiary 

    trapped inside, you are all i see

    I’ve never felt these things before

    i cannot fear the feel of falling

    I want to fly

    "Boy come through, I was thinking of showing you whats new
    So pick up the phone, and show me your view
    I know its in your instincts to know what to do
    But this feelings intoxicating, watch how feelings brew"

    in the thundering rain, you just stole my heart

    put your hand at waist, theres no time just haste