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    Only you
    A leader is a dealer in hope

    Cat life

    Giving thanks

    We’ve been struggling for such a long time, thinking we are going to get left behind.We could belong, and evolve into a love so strong. We don’t need anything, but us two. There’s no limit to what we can do.

    The ability to cultivate your imagination—-so that you are inclined to believe in a magic, against matter. If we combine at the masses and paint a new palette, shaped and molded by our past, present, and future.

    As far as I can see, as feel as I can feel…
    In love strength reveals.
    The love for money, will drive you mad.
    You will become too consumed with what you never had.
    The consumption of your delusion that darkness will mend your denial of the light…will cause you to shutter and turn away from the glare
    The beam of light that you may have seen, cast a shadow from the ghost of your past, and your failures that have already been forgiven.
    But there’s no rewind, so give yourself momentum.
    Follow the light inside you, the one that burns to be forgivable.


I Always Bet On Inked Girls

Lanvin S/S 2015
Posted by arcaneist​